Friday, June 13, 2008

The experience, eminence, and integrity of Daniel were recognized by Darius the Mede, who made him first president over the 120 princes who governed his kingdom. This occasioned no small jealousy. As Joseph Parker has observed, with reference to this passage, "All primacy must be paid for." If that primacy is as faithful and righteous a one as Daniel's, it must be doubly paid for. The levelling demands of evil are for a democracy of being, a cosmic democracy in which all distinctions are nullified on favor of a commonality which blurs identity, responsibility, and meaning. Evil men seek to make all things evil; men who are failures demand a universal failure. And men unable or unwilling to rise above their low estate seek savagely to raze all eminence into a common democracy of mediocrity and defeat. Democracy is the great love of the failures and cowards of life, and involves a hatred of differences, because freedom is inseparable from differences, distinctions, discernment, and wise discrimination. But freedom is an enemy to those who hate responsibility, and accordingly must be destroyed as an aristocratic principle to make way for the "freedom" of total democracy, which is the end of all meanings, discriminations, and divisions, whether good or bad, in the name of this higher virtue, the mystical oneness and absorption into the mass of a fallen and corrupt humanity. "All primacy must be paid for," either by total war against a hostile world, or by radical concession and submission to that world. Religiously and politically, Daniel refused to concede in any measure.

Excerpted from Thy Kingdom Come Rousas John Rushdoony page 39

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