Monday, May 26, 2008

We have done a lot of painting in what was a very stark house.
Now we have started phase two: filling in the blank spots. On one of our treasure hunts Andrea came home with these darling shelves. Tweet...


The Serven Clan said...

Nice color!! I just recommended a similar for a "client" in my un-official "color consultant and home decor business". I haven't seen the finished product in my friend's basement--I'm anxious to see the results.

In Christ,

Lauren Christine said...

Those look beautiful! :)

Dutchess said...

I love colored walls!

And that bird

Marci said...

Very pretty. It looks like you have really high ceilings!!

Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

Dear Rebecca,

Thanks! Aren't painting projects so much fun?!? The blue is my favorite of the colors we have used thus far. Sometimes it makes me smile just to look at it. :)

Dear Lauren,

Thank you! They actually came from one of the ladies at church who was clearing out a bunch of things from her home. We were very happy to receive them as they match our front room perfectly!

Dear Dutchess,

Yes! Me too on both counts. He almost begs to be named doesn't he?

Dear Marci,

Thanks! Yes we do, especially in the entryway. Our Dad prefers them (and I like them, too!) They can make painting walls a little tricky, though. You have to make sure you get the right color the first time!

In Christ,