Monday, May 12, 2008

To Our Maternal Influence

ehold the tenderest sight on earth-- the mother giving the first bent to the mind that is immortal. O! What lessons of heavenly wisdom may come down through her lips and find their way to a heart not yet in contact with the world! How may she seize on the first indications of intellect, and consecrate it to God. How may the eye of a mother, beaming with affectionate regard, direct the little dependent being to the Saviour! A warm-hearted and prudent mother will exert almost an unlimited influence over her children the first six or eight years of their life; a period, above all others, when the heart is susceptible to deep and lasting impressions. Solomon frequently adverts, with great tenderness, to the pious counsels of a mother, Timothy was instructed, when a child, by his mother and grandmother. There are few men eminent for science and religion, who have not expressed deep-felt gratitude for the example, counsels, and prayers of a pious mother. And it would (editor's interlude: we break from this deeply moving and poetic moment to make note that this sentence begins with the word "And," yes..."And." Mrs. Wilson, my second grade teacher, said I was never to do that. Join me as I relish in the moment) be difficult to find an instance in which children have been up in the fear of God, and the love of the Saviour, where the mother has showed no marked solicitude to cherish a life of piety in her family.

From Gene Fedele's, "Golden Thoughts of Mother, Home & Heaven."

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