Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Jolly Tune About Brainwashing


Nick Jesch said...

Jolly good, and jolly deadly. Careful now, Ladies, this sort of thing could well start a revolution... quite the unpopular concept, this, you know. Part of why, in general, home schooled children are so delightful to be with. They're so full of things "not on the test".

Dutchess said...

"careful" is for sissies.....:-P
revolutions are not. they are grand.

that song was hilarious

simplysanctified said...

too funny! :)

the delapers said...

That was so funny!

Happy birthday to your Dad!

I was going to ask, and then forgot,where does the scripture talk about a 1000 generations that will occur before the return of Christ? And and how long is a generation?

Maegan said...

LOL "because rational discourse was not on the test"


Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

DeLapper Mama-
We have just started a series regarding Revelation. It is available for free download at It will answer all your questions, as well as the questions that will arise as the first questions are answered. It will also answer questions arising from the patriarchal mind in the house. You'll be able to go through it together and brainwash your kids at the same time. Did I say that?

Or if you would like your own set of FPCR's weekly sermons, consider looking into the SOS (standing order sermon) program. You can contact the church for that service. 1-800-253-1417 You'll receive an SOS every week in the mail (that comes in beautiful, gorgeous, and artistically genius wrapping for some reason that I can't mention without looking prideful.)

Glad to hear from you once again,