Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Indispensable Home Maker

I came across this today and thought I would pass it on. It reminds me of my mother. She could do anything and because she could we had many fun times. "Oh, we're having another adventure!" she would say in happy and excited tones and we never knew otherwise. She had a solution for every problem that arose and so we never knew that there wasn't a solution for every problem.
As a child I never knew how unauthentic a costume made from a paper grocery store bag was or that you could trim a tree from inside the house at the upstairs window. Who would have known that sheets could be made into curtains and curtains could be made into dresses and dresses could be made into quilts?
What has amazed us more than anything over the years is how Mom could make a whole meal out of nothing. "There's nothing to eat" was said as one peered into the refrigerator only to find 1 cup of milk in the jug, celery and a handful of condiments. The freezer offered no consolation either. Bags of flour, containers of juices or sauces and chicken gizzards. Obviously none of that goes together and so "what does one eat?" Mom says she'll fix something and she does. What was surprising was she created a whole meal with side dishes and everything. She's been whipping things up out of nothing for years and proving again and again the high degree of creativity she possesses.

You may have memories like these or you may just be wondering, "What's a homemaker to do?" Either way I think this is a great suggestion that you will enjoy, "Lessons From Vintage Fiction." You can read the rest here.


Marci said...

What great memories. Write them down. Ask your Mom lots of questions and record the answers. Moms are precious and it is very hard to lose one. Tell her you love her often.

Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

Oh, yes indeed. I just remembered another. She's the one that taught me how to climb in a window when you're locked out. ;o)