Monday, May 12, 2008

The Gardener With A Biblical Worldview Pt 2

I have finished Dr. Bahnsen's first apologetics set and begun the second series, "Destroying all speculations." He has effectively taught how to see "things" from a lost person's point of view. See their hang-ups that is, whether it is the use of arbitrariness or even simultaneously believing two competing philosophies amongst other things. It's been an incredible study that I would recommend to anyone that deals with people, (We all should shouldn't we?) whether it's in regards to apologetics or anything else. Bahnsen teaches priceless people skills.

You may have read Part One of, "the Gardener with a biblical worldview." Today providentially, part two commenced. Andrea was ready. She had printed out an article by Mr. Ken Gentry titled "Apocalypse Then." Mrs. JW stopped in and chatted for sometime as Andrea tended her gardens. Andrea complimented her on her new dress. It was beautiful. And conversation lead to the topic of Eschatology. Mrs. JW admitted that in her 37 years of being a Jehovis Witness she had never heard of the position and that she never took information from anyone. She did this time, intrigued by Andrea and her "logical way of thinking."

I peeked around the corner of the house, not wanting to be a distraction to the conversation. I imagine if I showed up I may have triggered a reflex JW evangelism mechanism and Andrea had her engaged. I saw the two of them sitting together on the lawn chatting like friends that have known each other for sometime.

We are asking that you would include Mrs. JW in your prayers today asking that God would minister to her and grant her repentance and understanding.

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