Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time For A Yearly Reminder

We just experienced what I would consider a summer day yesterday, and the topic of "a pool in our back yard" which never comes up otherwise, was discussed. Every year we say, "we'll get one" and, "Doesn't it sound pleasant."

Signs of summer are showing up everywhere. Why just today at the grocery store...
What could possible be happening here?
A clever hat alteration...and then on the cooler isle we saw these.

...we did a double take. Makes you wonder if it's a hoax. I looked the box once over for an explanation but they gave none. Gelatin we reasoned. Because I couldn't read the fine print. I'm Blind!

But back to the point, the point is that it is time for a yearly reminder for, as well as an introduction to, the idea of modest swimwear for anyone new on the scene this year. Summer is coming.

Stacy McDonald has done a wonderful job already putting together a post, "The Empress Has No Clothes!" that is thorough and perfectly to the point, so we are going to point y'all in that direction this year. She advises:

"Yes, summer is quickly approaching. Many Christians are beginning to discuss and reevaluate their thinking regarding whether one should wear clothes or glorified underwear when swimming publicly."

"...there are certainly more reasons than that for not walking around in public practically naked. Scott Brown, in his article, Why I am Against Bikini Clad Girls and Bare Chested Boys Swimming in My Lake, wrote the following:"Over the last hundred years, we have had, as Jeff Pollard has said, 'The public undressing of America.' What was illegal in clothing 100 years ago, and would cause your arrest, is now popular and accepted everywhere — even in churches."

· 1890’s: Swimwear was modified street clothing

· 1910: Arms were exposed

· 1920: You would be arrested if you appeared in a modest 21st century bathing suit

· 1920’s: Legs and backs were exposed

· 1930’s: Cleavage was exposed and men began to swim bare chested

· 1935: Two piece bathing suits appeared with a small break between upper and lower half

·1940’s: New fabrics appeared which hugged the body

· 1960’s: Navels were exposed

"Today: Anything goes... One piece suits with fabrics like skin that really leaves nothing to the imagination and bikinis of various categories prevail as normal.

"Today, the fashions are so pervasively broadcast over every media outlet that everyone dresses the same when they swim. Movies and TV have so popularized nakedness, that if you challenge it, you are not thought of as being very accepting. In fact, if you do cover your body it seems odd."

Jeff Pollard says it this way, 'Fashion designers have used swimwear to undress America.' Who can deny this? It is as obvious as a fly on your nose."So it is time to shout it out with perfect clarity: The empress has no clothes! For the last two generations we have been told that swimwear is about fashion. They say, Fashion is neutral. Don’t criticize fashion, it is only fashion. No! It is public nakedness."

Read the rest here.

As an additional note. Yes, Andrea and I have these suits. Yes, all the young ladies of our church have these suits. Yes, you can have a perfectly fun time swimming with the other gals (while the boys are gone) while wearing these suits.

Also if you are a tall size and Wholesome Wear's sizes aren't long enough in the torso, you can make your own suit. Andrea did just that by combining a couple of sewing patterns. While she was at it, she made her skirt length longer, extending the hemline to mid calf rather than knee length. Funny thing is, when we swim, I feel immodest in my knee length swim dress because of her calf length swim dress. I'm thinking of adding a ruffle to the bottom of mine! ;o)

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