Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sew Modest

Many times Andrea and I have received the question where do you find modest clothes. There isn't really one place we go. We are more or less always on the look out rather. What we keep in mind more predominately is the styles and ensembles we'd like to put together. And so when that special piece shows up while we are out and about we pick it up and add to the collection of separates that haven't anything to go with them. It's genius. Eventually an outfit does come together.

Other than that we sew. In the beginning serious planning and scheming was put to use when we invested in sewing an outfit. But more or less our casual way of shopping is creeping into this realm as well. We pick up a pattern here, a pattern there, some fabric at this sale and that sale.

Today in the mail we received the above patterns. They were an eBay purchase all from one seller, birwin9. She's got a neat little store and it's easy to shop with a search engine just for her store. Bobbye offers patterns sales and great shipping prices. She offers to stuff up to nine pattern in one flat rate box and ship them to you for $4.05. Her pattern prices are low and so it costs about as much as one of those $1 pattern sales at Joann's since you aren't driving all the way to the store.

I asked Bobbye if she purposely carried modest patterns and her answer was "Yes, that is intentional."

Pictured above: Butterick 3766, McCall's 2803, 3065, 3254, 8791

Also, we recommend Butterick 6715. It's one of our favorite blouse patterns. What can we say we are addicted to ruffles?

So I thought I'd let you all know since you been asking. Enjoy!

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Dutchess said...

Ruffles...I am a huge fan of girly, feminine touches!
I don't know how I missed putting your blog on my Google Reader subscriptions, but I have missed a lot of posts! *wipes tear away* I love your group "colonists" quilt, it's beautiful. I am in the middle of sewing for Barbie as I speak, and must get back to it. I was thrilled to find a vintage pattern with a jumpsuit that will suffice as a modest bathing suit! I am jumping for joy inside, and at how simple it is to sew!