Friday, April 11, 2008

Christian Love & Conversations with a Prostitute.

It is a joy to share the gospel. I am not the type that walks the streets with tracts but now and again there is what I see as a Divine arrangement and it is my place to witness and share the gospel.

Some hear, some don't. There is a temptation to say that perhaps method of delivery is the problem, while I acknowledge that we are to reflect Christ's love, I have seen people saved when hell fire was preached at them and I have seen people saved when the gospel was served on a silver platter hostess twinkie style. I think this is an excellent reminder that salvation is a work of God and the result of his grace imputed in one's life.

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me" John 10:27

As expected there can be persecution because some do not hear. There is still a rewarding joy that comes with sharing God's truth. I suspect it's because when I share with others, I hear it again myself and it's a reminder of the gospel I love and the work the author of it did for me.

Recently I had the opportunity to share God's truth and his word with a prostitute that is apparently named Lena. While I see absolutely no sign of contrition in her after having heard the gospel, I was able to witness the power of the gospel shut up the mouth of the wicked. The Word divides. And while it's our hope that the lost will come to be saved and regenerate, there is an explanation as to why it is the way it is sometimes. Here's an excerpt from:

A Treatise of "Christian Love" with an extract form "The Sinner's Sanctuary" by Hugh Binning.

"And so, as long as the love of God may go before, the love of man should follow;and whatever doth not untie the bond of divine affection ought not to loose the know of that love which is linked with it. When the uniting of souls together divides both from God, then, indeed, an only then, must this knot be untied, that the other may be kept fast."

" But this beautiful and comely frame of man is marred. Sin has cut in pieces that divine love that knit man to God; and the dissolving of this has loosed that link of human society, love to our neighbor. And now all is rents, rags, and distractions and inordinate affections, which is the poison of enmity, and seed of all discord."

"If the love of God and the love of one another had kept the throne, there had been a co-ordination and co-working of all men in all their actions, for God's glory and the common good of man. But now, self-love having enthroned itself, every man is for himself, and strives by all means, to make a concurrence of all things to his own interest and designs"

"The first principle of love would have made all men's actions and courses flow into one ocean of divine glory and mutual edification' so that there could not have been any disturbance or jarring amongst them, all flowing into one common end. But self-love has turned all the channels backward toward itself; and this is its wretched aim and endeavour, in which it wearies itself and discomposes the world, to wind and turn in every thing, and to make, in the end, a general affluence of the streams into its own bosom; this is the seed of all division and confusion which is among men. While every man makes himself the centre, it cannot be otherwise than that all the lines and draughts of en's courses must thwart and cross each other."

"Now, the Lord Jesus having redeemed lost man and repaired his ruins, makes up this breach, especially restoring this fundamental ordinance of our creation and uniting men again to God and to one another. Therefore he is our peace; he hath removed the seeds of discord between God and man, and between man and man. And this is the subject of that divine epistle which the beloved apostle, full of that divine love, did pen. 'God is love. In this was manifested the love of God...that God sent his only begotten Son into the world'; 'Everyone that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God'; 'We love him, because be loved us first'; 'God so loved us, we ought also to love one another' (1 John 4)

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The Serven Clan said...

Wow. How exciting! What a privilege to share of Christ's redemption with another soul. I'll be praying the Lord gives you more opportunities to befriend Lena.