Friday, April 18, 2008

April's Garden In Pictures

Lolita and the Geraniums (kinda sounds like a singing group)
Strawberry beauties!
Primrose. Harvest the microscopic seeds and squeeze the juice out of them and what do you have? Primrose oil and a lot of work on your hands.
whateveritscalled herb. It's mine and I don't recall the name. Oh, chamomile, duh.

The Garlicshire woods.

Grapes. Don't eat too fast, there's plenty for everyone.

Sweet William

Rose climbers on the trellis

Beans, don't forget beans...
Peppermint, commonly mistaken by those that can't smell for basil.

Dad's cactus garden.


yoshi3329 said...

beautiful garden we're growing strawberries too!

Lauren Christine said...

Lovely! Sleepy herb :) Hilarious.

Morgan said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like the beans are doing well, just like the strawberries. Yum!