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It is largely the women who will choose...

A young Mr. Reins and his brothers

"Molon Labe"
In the year 480 B.C., the Persian king Xerxes invaded Greece with an army of at least 200,00 men (ancient accounts say that he brought as many as 2 to 3 million troops, but modern historians find the unlikely). Xerxes probably would have conquered Greece had it not been for a small force of 300 Spartan warriors who blocked him at a mountain pass as Thermopylai, buying precious time for the Greeks to organize their defense.
It is said that when the Persians ordered the 300 Spartans to surrender their arms, their King Leonidas replied, "Molon Labe!" (Come and get them!). Leonidas and his troops were slain to the last man.

The Spartan Women

Bravery such as the Spartans exhibited at Thermopylai does not spring out of thin air. It must be carefully nurtured from early childhood, and deeply embedded in one's culture. The Spartan women, as wives and mothers, were just as responsible for their people's victories as the men who fought on the battlefield.

When a Spartan youth went to war, his mother would hand him his shield saying, "Come back carrying your shield or come back dead upon it."

A coward who fled in battle would typically throw his shield away so he could run faster. The Spartan women let their men know that if they did such a thing, they should just keep on running, for they would no longer be welcome in their homes.

The Path of the Warrior

Unlike today's soccer moms, the Spartan women did not look upon "safety" as their paramount concern. They felt a duty to instill in their men a warrior spirit, even if it meant losing the sons and husbands they loved. This took a special kind of courage, of a sort that American women have largely forgotten today.

We stand at a crossroads in America, and it is largely the women who will choose which way we will go. Will we continue to raise our children as warriors? Or will we abandon the warrior's path, take a roll of the dice, and see what comes next? History shows that those who turn from the warrior's path generally end up losing their freedom.

Except from, "Reclaiming the Truth About Guns, Crime and The Second Amendment, The Seven Myths of Gun Control" by Richard Poe

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Dutchess said...

You are very talented, to pull a good moral out of even the sickest cultures! I would love to hear insights into the Mayans, or Incas.