Monday, March 10, 2008

Evidence That Demands A Verdict...

We were just talking about this. I was glad to find today's American Vision article in my inbox.

Who Defines What Constitutes Evidence?
By Gary DeMar.

"Have you ever been in a debate with someone who asks for evidence for this or that particular issue, and after giving the evidence it is dismissed as not being relevant? Facts do not speak for themselves. “Facts do not come with interpretation tags, telling us how to view them. . . . Both sides haggle over the facts. Both sides search for new facts to add to their arsenals. Both sides raise accusations, yet it’s a rare day indeed when both sides acknowledge that their differences stem from something much more basic than facts. Their differences are rooted in opposing worldviews, which in turn are permeated with philosophical assumptions and commitments.”1 Facts are always interpreted by an array of presuppositions. For example, when the NT is shown to offer eye-witness evidence of the death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus, the skeptic will claim that a resurrection of the dead is impossible, therefore, the evidence is suspect. Essentially, this comes to, “What my net doesn’t catch ain’t fish.” Read the rest here.


Nick Jesch said...

this from Mr. De Mar's article: So why are they any better informed on issues of ultimate importance than Roman Catholic priests, bishops, and Popes? Why do you trust their evolved brains and the electrical impulses they displace that makes their lips move to say things? Oh, this is rich!!! Indeed, why put your trust in one source as above another? So often we find those who place their faith in one source or another, having given little or no serious thought at to WHY, or upon what basis. Mr. De Mar is a great one for poking and prodding beyond the surface of things. Like he said, his friend has forsaken one religion simply replacing it with another. Or, like Bob Dylan so famously put it: "you know you got to serve somebody", and in another song "you must pick one or the other, there ain't NO neutral ground". Yes, we humans the lot of us are made to worship. The operant question is WHOM will we worship. Thanks for the thought provoking post.

Anonymous said...

Well said, both in the original post and the previous comment. "What my net don't catch ain't fish." LOL. Priceless.