Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Blessings of a Covenant Family

Andrea and I love our church family. We love being a part of their lives. We have a lot of time during the week to spend researching herbology, doing graphic design, sewing, and cooking amongst other things in order to help within the community. We wouldn't trade that opportunity to serve for the world.

We have received many blessings in return from families that share their wisdom in parenting, ideas for business, even trusting us with their children and computer equipment. ;o)

When someone is moving into a new home, the church is there. When someone is sick, the church is there. When someone is filming a movie, the church is there. When a car breaks down, the church is there. When someone needs financial instruction, the church is there. And best of all when someone is looking for biblical wisdom and instruction, the church is there.

Anyone that is a part of our fellowship is a part of our family. They are welcomed and received taking into account their needs, their gifts and talents, their particular bent, eccentricities and so on.

Coming together to worship the God that brought us together is a cherished time for all of us.

If you can relate to this, you'll appreciate Mr. McDonald's post titled, "The Blessings of Church Membership" on Family Reformation today.

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yoshi3329 said...

wow! it sounds like you belong to a great church unfortunaly most churches don' do things like that together anymore. I glad their are still some churches who still helps out it's members!