Saturday, March 01, 2008

Being Judgmental Part 2

It's time for some big sister talk. Here's were we run into trouble with being judgmental.

Sarah notices Gabe is buying a newspaper. She knows that he doesn't read the paper normally. She recalls that he was gone for the weekend and never mentioned to any of his friends where he was going. He was depressed as well, before he left. She attributes sinful motivations to his actions. "He is buying that newspaper so he can look at the personals for a date I bet. Ihave heard stories." Sarah has no ground for believing so. None of the actions she observed were sinful.

If the action is clearly not sinful young ladies should be characterised by seeking to believe a good motivation caused such action.

The problem today is that young ladies haven't developed this habit. They have instead allowed their lazy minds to be dictated to by the negative thought of mainstream America. They habitually assume there is a negative motivation behind every action. In this case Sarah has chosen to believe a "rule of thumb" very negative in origin applies to Gabe; that most men have low morals.

Young ladies are called to dissolve distructive myths when and if possible because doing so causes hope to flourish. There is light in this world and it bears witness that their is indeed a Creator of goodness. Myths like these snuff out such light.

There's an additional problem that comes with this lazy habit most always. When young ladies purposely allow misinterpretations to form their thinking, their thinking becomes skewed and their judgement becomes further clouded.

Also, when this lazy habit is coupled with cowardice, which it often is, it is cause for further problems. Instead of lovingly extending concern toward another person when appropriate, and seeking to clarify why someone is doing what they are doing, cowardice dictates that we should make a "mental note" of the "questionable" activity instead. This is in order to save it for future reference in the event evidence needs to be drawn up. If we allow this to happen we have taken a further step in the wrong direction.

By now if a young lady has gone this far in the wrong direction it's hard to convince her of it. Once enough odd observances have been collected the questioning routine may start.

Nonchalantly asking around to see if anyone else has noticed anything about Gabe, Sarah shows the world that she is blinded.

This is the start of what we have been warned against. Whispering. Gossiping and backbiting will inevitably follow. Young ladies must guard against being led away by this sin of assuming and attributing negative motivations towards others based on speculation.

The myth that many young ladies believe at this point is that "They were only showing concern." They are foolish for thinking so. Remember how this started? Poor judgement due to a faithless worldview. The error originated when Sarah did not purposely decide to attribute righteous intentions to Gabe's "paper buying" activity. The truth is we all gravitate towards being negative in our thoughts towards others. It is lazy man's thinking and eventually leads to divisions amongst the brethren.

Here's what really happened:
Gabe is just home from his sister's house. And yes, Gabe never bought the paper in the past, but as it is, he has just brought home his sister's canary to care for it while his sister prepares for the funeral of her mother-in-law and to spend some time caring for her father-in-law. Since he has no newspaper around, he stopped and picked one up. Gabe's reserved demeanor was actually not depression as Sarah's skewed thinking told her. His reserved demeanor was due to the fact he was morning along with his grieving sister.

One of the greatest things that you can do for the body of Christ and for those that you are attempting to evangelise is think good of them when it is justified. When you do, you show them that you love them as Christ loved you. When they see Christ in you they will be drawn closer to the body of Christ.

Judgements based on speculation can cut the deepest wounds and permanently repel people from Christ. You will be held accountable for the divisions that you cause based on speculation and unsubstantiated evidence. We are called to take dominion for Christ and being judgemental is not productive or helpful in that regard.

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