Friday, February 01, 2008

What's for lunch?

Heeeeelp! Save me! Ahhhh!

The other day we noticed that Andrea's rosemary was surrounded by teensy little dead flies. Rather than spray the plant with chemicals or start a rigid wash-the-plant-every-day-routine, Mom came up with a better idea. She bought a butterwort plant. A carnivorous species of the Pinguicula family. Butterworts have sticky glandular leaves that lure, trap and digest insects.


Anonymous said...

Now thats what I call a Cool Plant. Amazing..

It's not hard to keep alive in the harsh Texas climate??

Dutchess said...

that is so nasty!

Mrs.Halterman said...

mmm ... lunch???

Morgan said...

That is so neat that God makes carnivorous plants like that...what a good idea to get one!

Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

The plant is thriving. We picked it up locally and from what I have seen it is in it's element.

God is creative indeed!