Monday, February 11, 2008

Texas to Missouri: On the way

We are home at last and refreshed from our short jaunt to Missouri. This year's trip was especially fun as I was able to bring along a Canon Rebel xti, part of the Heumoore arsenal. I think it should be named P.J. I won't say that I did the camera's capabilities justice with my pictures, but I did have fun and I am a little more familiar with it now.

We left at 4:30 am. This is sunrise in Oklahoma.
On one of our stops in a small country town we were headed out the door to load up and get back on the road when I spied a quarter on the floor. Yes, it was the glue the quarter to the floor trick. I was able to amuse two gas station attendants and 4 Carhart clad farmers. Andrea is posing in my stead.

A lonely windmill on the Oklahoma plain.
On our trip to Denver in January, I had a chance to try out P.J. I missed many an opportunity to capture a train but missed every time. This one was sitting still so with the odds in my favor I came away with this one.
Halfway through Oklahoma on Hwy 69 we were surrounded by the waters of Lake Eufaula. It was a beautiful site having always lived around water in the past. Please excuse the dirty window.
There are barns galore in every condition...

and farms scattered from border to border.

The wide Missouri river.

All alone nestled between the rolling hills of Missouri

To be continued...

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