Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Question on the Success of Women Entrepreneurs

I was asked once if I thought that women had it in them to be successful entrepreneurs. I believe that indeed they do and that anyone can agree as we see it done all the time today. What is a more important question for us to explore is, "On what moral grounds do they operate?" It is the moral foundation of when, how, and why women pursue entrepreneurialism that determines whether they will be successful or not. Sinners can acrue wealth just as the redeemed do, but it is a matter of, "Does one want their sucess to be a blessing of God or a chastisement?" for their compromised standards in getting it.
Important questions to ask oneself:

1: Do I intend to out produce my authority figure? What effect will that have on our relationship? The choice must me edifying to the body of Christ as well.

2: What are my motivators for making money? What are biblical motivators? Avoid pursuits that would stregthen individualism and be counter productive to a multigenerational covenantal family blessing and vision.

3: What emotions are tied to this pursuit? Are they what God says we should entertain? Beware of coventousness. (see: Elyse Fitzpatrick's "Idols of the Heart: Learning to long for God Alone"
4: How is this in support of my highest priorty, serving my father/husband in his vision? Does it fit in well?
5: What will be neglected if I apply my time to a new venture?
6: Do I have the resources to get started? If not what standards should I submit to in order to aquire them? (see: IBLP's Financial Freedom Seminar An excellent seminar that my father has used for years now as he mentors young business owners)
This is not exhaustive but a good start. God bless!

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