Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh Tasco, Where Art Thou?

Kelly is pining for her little red Tasco telescope she had as a child.

I suppose this calls for a childhood telescope story. I used to star gaze and marvel at the moon craters. My intrigue was sparked by the 1986 passing of Halley's comet. One evening I was at my window in our new city home and the sky was not offering up it's usual intriguing heavenly wonders. My mother came in and I must have expressed my boredom and discouragement because she said, "Let me see that thing. I'll find something. There has to be something." She took over and scanned the sky. "Wow! That's the biggest star I have ever seen!" she exclaimed. "Let me see!" I peered through my telescope and suffered near blindness. She had pointed it at a street light.


Adlyn said...

LOL! that's a really funny story!

Miss Adlyn

Dutchess said...

That is hilarious!

wow...I read "moon creatures" at first and was thinking you had a VERY powerful telescope...

Anonymous said...

LOL! Sounds like your mom must be pretty good at getting rid of boredom.

Oh, and are there really telescopes that help you see "moon creatures," as duchess hinted? So far, the only thing that I can find is the tele-vision. :)

-Christine from Arizona