Thursday, February 21, 2008

More On Missouri

Our family trip to Missouri was so that Dad could attend the Men's Advance and so Andrea and I could spend some time helping/visiting with the Serven ladies. Unfortunately Mom was ill so we spent the weekend divided. Dad and Andrea went on to the Advance while Mom and I stayed at the hotel. Pictures of the Men's advance can be seen here as I was unable to take any.

I haven't the foggiest idea why, but I like to photograph distressed old buildings.

A dandy of a barn

An inviting country drive

Daniel Boone's' Estate

Sunday brunch is served

A beautiful spread, very characteristic of Serven hospitality.

Listening to the teller of tales.

Gather 'round to sing hymns

Singing with sign language

Saying our good byes

Missouri ducks at the gas station

Duck hunting must not be too difficult around here.

Driving home into the Oklahoma sunset.

Scraggly trees of the south.

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Dutchess said...

What is it about Geese and gas stations in MO? A while ago I saw a HUGE white goose flapping through the parking lot here, but sadly I didn't break out my camera in time...