Friday, February 01, 2008

Crazy Quilting Part 3

Okay I have made a discovery. This is actually not an official crazy quilt. But! It looks crazy anyway once it's done, so... perhaps it is from the crazy quilt genus? Well on with it!

Time for the strips. If you have leftover strips of fabric around, divide them into three categories: narrow width, medium width and wide width. The strips can be varying in width within their category. If you have to make strips for this project I suggest 1.5", 2.5", and 3.5" widths. The fastest way to make strips is to iron your fabric and lay it out flat. Along the edge snip with your scissors every 1.5 (or 2.5 or 3.5) inches. Then tear away. Tears will be straight because they will follow the grain of the fabric. A note of caution: If your fabric wasn't cut straight (on the grain) at the fabric store your the first strip you rip will be crooked. Square off the end of your fabric first. Then rip away!

Close your eyes and reach into your pile of narrow strips. What you grab is what you sew! They first strip goes on the top of your center block. After the strip is sewn on, leave it folded down as seen in the above photo. Next, trim the extra amount off square with the center block.
Now fold it open and press the seam allowance towards the dark strip. If you iron it the other way it will show through the white center block.
The next strip is sewn on the bottom of the center block, is then trimmed and ironed as mentioned above.
Repeat on the right side of your now elongated project.
And then on the left.
trim once again...then iron as before.
Here we are done with round one. This series of steps will be repeated over again twice.
This time blindly pick a strip from the medium width pile and start the process over again.
Quilting calls for 1/4" seams unlike dress making which calls for 5/8" seams.
Working on round three already.
Round two went well as you can see. Round three is made the same way with the widest of strips. On round three we accidentally sewed the wide strip to the side first instead of the top. The nice thing about it though is it won't disturb a thing in this crazy quilt pattern.
A nice touch.
Look what we made!
Three rounds done. Renae opted to use the same fabric pattern for all sides in each round. I think it made a lovely quilt block don't you?
Now the trimming starts. Align the ruler with the top corner. Then set it in an inch and a half or so at the bottom as seen above. Trim off the angled piece and turn the quilt block 90 degrees. This time square you ruler with the side previously cut. Trim and repeat on the remaining two sides.
This is how the crazy tilted look is accomplished. The blocks will all be different sizes when they are done. Sashings and other creative strips can be added to fill in the gaps. One idea is add a strip of nine patch, flying geese or a lone quilt block of another design that has yet to find it's way into one of your quilts.

Once the blocks are together it's time to add the border. If you haven't enough fabric for long sashings then perhaps a scrappy blocked border like the one above can be constructed. Here are some other examples: Piano key border, 1/2 triangle border, and Prairie Point Border.


Dutchess said...

It's sort of a log cabin spin on the crazy quilt, and DEFINITELY from the mind of a genious, because real crazy quilts are a pain in the tush....

So are the girls collaborating on one quilt, or are they each making their own?

Morgan said...

Beautiful idea! That is so neat, and I bet the girls doing it enjoy it very much!
I used to have the blog, View From The Cliffs, and just wanted to drop by and say that I have moved! I hope you both are doing great...have a blessed week!

Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

The photos are from a quilting lesson where we had them make one block each. I don't know what the girls have planned for their blocks, if they will continue on and make a complete quilt or pillow or wall hanging. Renae did go home and teach her mother what she had learned. So perhaps there will be a quilt in the works.

We are glad to see you back. We are doing wonderfully. You say you have moved. I did notice you blog is inaccessable. We hope all is well.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I really like that second from last picture. Looks sort of Victorian. (I like practically anything Victorian!)

-Christine from Arizona

Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

Hello Christine-
Welcome to our blog. We are glad you stopped in.

Now that you mention it that second to last quilt block does look Victorian.

God Bless,