Monday, December 03, 2007

Bread Machine Success

Auto bakers can be frustrating. Andrea and I have spent time perfecting a recipe that we have used again and always had success with. It is whole wheat, sweet and the kids loved it. What more could you ask for? Here is the recipe and a recent success story.
Whole Wheat Honey Bread
2lb loaf~Whole Wheat Mode~Medium Crust
3cups (store bought) wheat flour
6Tbsp softened butter
1tsp salt
1Tbsp Gluten (leveled off)
8 Tbsp honey
9.5 oz of warm water (nuke 35 seconds)
1Tbsp of active dry yeast
Variation #1: 3 cups home ground flour requires 2.5Tbsp of gluten.
Variation #2: 2.5 tsp of instant (rapid rise) dry yeast requires 8oz of warm water.

"Praise the Lord, the bread worked!!!! It is beautiful!!!!! Very
round on top, a delicious color of brown, easy to cut and tastes
wonderful!!! I was a little concerned at first because it wasn't
rising well, but when it beeped, it was done! I was beside myself.
Thanks soooooo much for the new recipe!!! If it wouldn't be too much
of a problem I need some more ground wheat, I will bring 20 cups (grain) on
Tuesday regardless. Thanks so much for y'alls support and guidence!
God Bless,


Lauren Christine said...

There's nothing quite as tasty as fresh baked bread! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try this recipe right now :-) I'll let you know at church tomorrow how it turns out. I'm so excited, thanks for posting it. Robyn Martin

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Hi Robyn! Glad you stopped in. I'm going to go make some bread. This made me hungry! Can't wait to see you tomorrow.