Saturday, December 08, 2007


Have you ever taken note of the fact that while looking through clothing catalogs, your eye is very often drawn only the articles of clothing and not to the model who is wearing them?

The reason for this phenomenon is very simple. The clothing manufacturer is trying to sell the clothes, not the models. They intentionally dress the models in colors that are not suitable for their hair, eyes, or skin tone. The color of the garment being modeled becomes the focal point rather than the model's face.

This is important to consider when choosing clothing for ourselves. Modesty dictates that our clothes draw attention to our face and eyes rather than our bodies. When a person wears colors that compliment the way God created them, the effect will be a spotlight on their face.

Here Milly is sitting through a draping session where colors of all seasons are tested against her skin tone.

Just as God has created four seasons in nature, so he has created each one of us to be complimented by the color scheme of one of these seasons.

There are two basic divisions of color, the warm or yellow under toned colors and the cool or blue under toned colors. Within each of these divisions there are two more groups. Within the warm colors, there are Autumn and Spring and on the cool side there are Summer and Winter.

Someone in the Autumn category will look great in colors such as the warm browns, oranges, and mustard yellow one would see outdoors in the fall. Their colors are strong, both vivid and muted (powdered). A Spring looks best in clear colors, either bright or delicate but never muted or extremely dark. A Winter should choose clear, true, vivid colors such as black, pure white, or jewel tones. Summer's colors would be softer- clear or muted but less intense than Winter colors.

From L-R: Autumn, Summer, Winter, and Spring color fans.

Color fans make shopping for clothes so much easier. You no longer have to waste time and money trying on or purchasing items that will just end up hanging in the closet never being worn. Most of the time people tend to gravitate toward their season's colors without knowing it, but when an article of clothing from the wrong season is bought because, "It's such a great deal" well, it ends up not being such a great deal after all because they never end up wearing it.

Miss Renae turned out to be an Autumn, just like her Momma who is watching in the background.

Color seasons are hereditary. For the most part, a person will be the same season as one of their parents. In the rare case that a person isn't, it would mean that their color season had been inherited from a generation prior to their parent's generation.

Why is it important to have your small children analyzed? Children that are wearing the wrong colors often look like they have dirty faces. It doesn't matter how many times you lick your thumb and scrub their chins the dirty look won't go away. This can be important if family pictures are coming up!

Only a Spring could get away with wearing that.
Men also need to have their colors done. In the wrong colors they can look unshaven, blotchy and even sickly. When working in a public arena, looking sharp plays an important in making a good impression.

Millie is a Winter.

As a side note, this particular color Millie is draped in is one of what we call cross-over colors. It may be worn by someone of any color season. A fact which could come in handy for situations such as choosing bridesmaids dresses that everyone will look good in. Crossover and neutral colors are helpful if there are multiple seasons living in a home. Decisions about home decor and linens (etc.) can be made much easier this way if you know what your family members seasons are. Often when one sees a pallet of colors in their season they find that there are many more colors that they will branch out into.

Checking for eye harmony colors. Mrs. B is an Autumn.
It's amazing how many colors God has created our eyes with.
Finding your eye harmony colors, and there can be many, is a wonderful thing to do. Do you ever wonder how some people's eyes stand out stunningly? Is it just because God gave them big blues? Actually, when you wear something that is in harmony with one of your eye colors, your eyes become radiant beacons bursting with color. And you thought it was photo editing ;o)
Once you know what season you are you will also be able to determine what make-up will compliment you. The nice thing about having makeup from your color season is that you can have one set of makeup that will match any outfit you put on, assuming it's also from your season. No more matching red toned shadows with your red toned blouse etc. All the colors in your season's color pallet go together so no matter what you decide to wear, your look will be complete.


Trav2 said...

My daughter and I love the idea of doing the color draping for clothing. Now . . . how do we go about learning the colors to use, what they mean, etc. Thanks so much, Ruth

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Thanks for stopping in. It's nice to meet you. The first thing you need to do is get draped. Once you know what season you are you're set. The fans pictured above show you all the color within your season that will make you look stellar. Take it with you when you shop and you'll never be fooled by the flouresent lighting AND you'll not have to take any garmet with you that you'd like to match. Mark them on the back of you fan behind the color they are and away you go. If you are in our area or coming through drop us a note and we'll see what we can do to schedule a color session.

Trav2 said...

Thank you so much. We live in SW Missouri and with our animals to care for, we don't travel, although we'd love to visit you!
Your answer caused me to click on the photo of the fans, and I was able to read the logo. I've now got their website in another window and will look it over in a little while. Is there a way for you to get the credit for 'showing me the light", so to speak, if I purchase or sign up for something from them? My 22 yo living-at-home maiden is working on building her own business and would like to be able to offer a draping service if that is a viable option for her to do. Any hints or suggestions for her would be greatly appreciated.
We love your web site. You have inspired us, and encouraged our daughters.