Sunday, September 16, 2007

Three Cheers...

Three Cheers are in order! Two for the Vaughn family for finding this wonderful testimony and posting it on their blog and one BIG one for Pastor Steven J. Cole the author the kindly shared this wonderful testimony.

"How John Calvin led me to repent of Christian Psychology"

An excerpt:

"After about 13 years in the pastorate, God graciously whacked my on the side of the head with a two-by-four to show me where I had drifted off course"

"As this elder and I were discussing Cloud's approach (the author of a christian psychology book), he told me that people like his wife who were from dysfunctional homes could not relate to my preaching because I emphasize obedience to God's word. Because they had strict, cold, authoritarian fathers, they don't relate well to authority. I replied that I thought that I also put a strong emphasis on God's grace as the motivation for obedience. But he responded that his wife couldn't even relate to God's grace--it went right by her. I was a bit taken aback, and so I said, 'You mean that the many times I have spoken on God's grace, she didn't hear me?' He said yes in her 20 years on Crusade staff, never once had she felt God's grace and love on a personal level."

"I thought about what he had said and asked some clarifying questions to make sure that I understood him. Then I responded, 'If you wife has never felt God's love and grace, she is not converted!'"

"This elder got very upset with me. But I stuck to my guns then and do so now, that if a person can sit in church for 20 years and never be moved by God's grace and love as shown to us at the cross, then that person is not truly converted."

"As I thought about what this elder, my associate, Henry Cloud, and others in their camp were saying, I realised that, in effect, they were saying that the transforming power of the gospel, which has sustained the saints in and through every conceive able trial, was not sufficient to deal with the emotional problems of these late 20th century Christians."

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