Thursday, September 06, 2007

My First Year of Full-Time Homemaking...A Testimony

Sam and Rebecca Coleman are members of our church and a delight to know. It was just over a year ago that we posted about Bringing Home Rebecca. We asked Rebecca on this special anniversary what this last year has meant to her.
Here is her response:
As I began to think about the joys of being a full-time home-maker it seemed as if all my reasons had to do with me, me, me, and the pleasures I get to enjoy, but really they aren’t. I just have the benefit of receiving joy because of the duties I have been able to perform since my loving husband brought me home from work one year ago. I have been able to be a much better helpmeet to him and it has very much strengthened our walk with the Lord.

For starters, our life simply runs smoother and much more efficiently because I run the household with order, which has given us free time in the evening to study and learn from the word of God. The same time that used to be spent catching up on cooking, cleaning and household planning because I was at work all day. The time that is now spent in whatever pursuit my husband chooses. I have the pleasure of living life on his schedule and I don’t have to ask the boss for time off. My “boss” now tells me when we are taking time off and there’s not even paperwork for me to fill out. I can dedicate my whole schedule to what he feels I should be spending my time on. I no longer have another man to boss me around and demand my time, draining me of precious energy that could and should be dedicated elsewhere.

Being home has allowed me some the most precious opportunities to help our covenant family. I have been able to cook, clean and simply spend time with new mothers and their babies. New babies are one of my favorite joys of this earthly life and because my husband brought me home from work I have been able to help new moms with their new babies in whatever capacity their family needed. And I have been able to just be there to make a phone call or to write letters to those who simply needed encouragement.

Some of the joys come from simply being in my house all day and are more rewarding than I ever thought. Who thought that being able to go the bathroom when I want and for however long I need without co-workers clock-watching would bring such peace to me. It is amazing what a little privacy can do for a person.

I get to eat my breakfast when I want. I am not forced to have lunch at the same time every day and I can start dinner for it to be ready just in time for my husband to walk through the door. And, I am there every day to greet him when he walks through that door.

All day long I get to choose the background noise of my home. I no longer have to listen to the radio station of my boss next door or the overhead music of someone else’s choosing. I get to choose positive, uplifting messages and music that glorify God all day long. Or I can choose to sit and read a book in the afternoon. Or if it gets cold (and that is rare in Texas) I can take my favorite blanket made by my Mammaw and throw it in the dryer to warm it up, then snuggle up on the sofa with a book and see how long it takes me to fall asleep and enjoy one of life’s other small pleasures; a nap in the afternoon.

So, you can see how all these things make “me” happy, but they’ve also made my husband very happy. I am much more joyful and relaxed about dedicating my time and efforts to him and the tasks he sets before me. He loves having me on his schedule and available to him anytime day or night. He has a pleasant wife to come home to that loves him and cares for him. He has peace in the knowledge that God gave me to him to be his helpmeet and now I dedicate my time to one man and one man only. I am blessed far more than I could write about in this one article. Suffice it to say that I am thankful to my loving husband who follows our blessed Lord. I look forward to many more years of home-making, home cooking and of course, the joys of motherhood.
Thank you so much Rebecca for sharing with us. May God bless all the years to come.

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