Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Heart of Oliver Cromwell

Andrea and I were spending a quiet evening together tonight catching up on our sewing and alterations. A couple hours ago she got out a CD to play while we worked. As a normal passing question I asked her what she had chosen knowing that it was from Vision Forum's History of the World Mega Conference A.D. set.

"The one on Oliver Cromwell."

"Who is Oliver Cromwell?" I hate to admit it but have gotten used to having to say such things due to my public school education. Her head spun around. She looked at my with a quizzical expression to see if I was in jest and seeing that I was not, then made a small attempt to explain Cromwell's greatness but Dr. Morecraft had started his lecture, "He'll tell you," she said.

And then we were lost in the passionate and inspiring account of the life of Oliver Cromwell.

My thoughts are these:

It is important for young ladies to be aquainted with the lives of great men such as he was. They need to understand what Godly Christian character looks like in a man that they might encourage their brothers, understand their fathers, be confident in their choices of future husbands and know what aspirations they need to have while raising their future sons.

And so I listened to Dr. Morecraft's lecture again and want to leave you with the dying words of Oliver Cromwell to show you the heart of the man.

“The Covenants, they were two—two, but put into one before the foundation of the world. It is holy and true, it is holy and true it is holy and true! Who made it holy and true? Who kept it holy and true? The Mediator of the Covenant. The Covenant is but one. Faith in the Covenant is my only support, yet if I believe not, He abides faithful.”

“Is there none that will come and praise God.”

“Whatsoever sins thou hast, doest, or shall commit, if you lay hold upon free grace, you are safe, but if you put yourself under a Covenant of works, you bring yourself under the law, and so under the curse—then you are gone.”

“Is there none that says, Who will deliver me from peril?”

“Man can do nothing, but God can do what He will”

“Lord, Thou knowest, if I desire to live, it is to shew forth Thy praise, and declare Thy works. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

“All the promises of God are in Him yea, and in Him, Amen; to the glory of God by us, by us in Jesus Christ.”

“The Lord hath filled me with as much assurance of His pardon, and His love, as my soul can hold.”

“I think I am the poorest wretch that lives; but I love God, or rather, am beloved of God.”

“Here in is love, not that we love God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be a propitiation for our sins.”

Lord, although I am a miserable and wretched creature, I am in covenant with Thee through grace, and I may, I will, come to Thee, for Thy people. Thou hast made me (though very unworthy) a mean instrument to do them some good, and Thee service; and many of them have set too high a value upon me, though other wish and would be glad of my death; but, Lord, however Thou dost dispose of me, continue and go on to do good for them. Give them consistency of judgment, one heart, and mutual love: and go on to deliver them, and with the work of reformation; and make the name of Christ glorious in the world. Teach those who look too much upon Thy instruments, to depend more upon Thyself. Pardon such as desire to trample upon the dust of a poor worm, for they are Thy people too. And pardon the folly of this short prayer. Even for Jesus Christ’s sake. And give us a good night, if it be Thy pleasure Amen.”

The dying words of Oliver Cromwell.

To learn more about inspiring and remarkable life of Oliver Cromwell reference:
Dr. Joseph Morecraft's lecture in Vision Forum's History of the World A.D. 20- cd set.

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