Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mom's quilt

Mom's quilt. We posted some time ago that we were in the process of cutting it out. The quilt has been completely pieced and now we are now in the process of quilting it by hand.

Other quilts:

This is a quilt that I started when Andrea and I were taking care of Mr. Kelly. I am piecing it by hand and am nearly done with that stage of the process. This is the first I have done by hand and I enjoy it because I can take it with me when I travel. I can carry a couple pieces with me in my purse and put them together when I have a idle moment.

Also, in January of last year I showed mom how to make a log cabin quilt the fast way. Here is mine finished. Mom finished her quilt as well and has given it away. She continued on past me with her quilt by embroidering it with a variety of delicate little stitches. Now, prepare to be wowed.

These are quilts that my Aunt Alicia has made and just a few of them at that. Any wonder why she wins a blue ribbon in every contest?


Mrs. Pear said...

Just the encouragement I need to get my quilt out again and get back to work!

I was slightly delayed by the arrival of our daughter who is 2, then by life in general, and finally by moving 2 and a half weeks ago, but the boxes are gone, so it is soon time to pull the quilt out again...and the counted cross stitch tea towel I am working on too! Not to mention the afghan I am knitting for Christmas...maybe I have too many projects going???

Jane said...

Those are fantastic quilts, I do mine by hand based on hexagons pieces all hand stitched, they take me for ever, one took me 10 years. I need to learn how to do the American style some day.

Lauren Christine said...

Wow! I'm officially very inspired! I purchased the "learn to quilt" package from Vision Forum- I think I'll go get started now :)

Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

Hello again Mrs. Pear glad you stopped in.

Welcome to our blog Jane. I would love to see your quilts. 10 yrs! What perseverence!

Lauren Christine, I will be posting an instructional post on how to make a crazy quilt. It is a relaxing quilt to make. There is no extensive planning which generally makes my brain hurt. Just sew and chop, sew and chop.

My Aunt also taught me to seek out the short cuts. While Andrea ttediously cut all the triangles by hand with a template for Mom's king-sized quilt, My aunt showed me tricks to making triangles that took a 20th of the time.