Saturday, May 26, 2007

A timely letter...

This letter is quite timely in that we have an instructional post in the works on the topic of colors. In it you will find just how important is it to wear the right colors, what the right colors are and what part colors play regarding modesty.

Colors are indeed very important. God created the most amazing spectrum and categorized it and his people within it too...stay tuned to find out why. Now, the letter...

Hi Kelly and Andrea,

I was wondering if you had any suggestions on some good books or tapes etc. on the subject of Modesty? I'm trying to learn a little more about modesty and what modesty truly is.

Dear Reader,

Wow, what an important topic. First of all, a perfect standard of modesty isn't something that we've "arrived" at. We've had to constantly check our hearts, be on guard against temptation and reevaluate our wardrobes in light of any new understanding we've gained. The heart is truly deceitful above all things. For us, understanding this issue was a gradual unfolding process. Just when we thought we'd arrived, we learned something new and back through the closet we went. I know I still go through my closet, pull out things and say "What in the world was I thinking when I bought this?" As sisters, we've been able to help one another in pointing out (kindly) when an article of clothing just isn't up to par. It's very helpful if you can find someone who will be honest with you and let you know when there's something you've missed. Sometimes a person just can't see things that others can see. It can be a little harder to evaluate an outfit when you are wearing it. For instance, many times an otherwise modest skirt will become see-through when standing on front of a bright light such as a sunset. This can be very embarrassing.

Also, for me an important question was "Why does God require us to be modest?". When I saw the principle in 1 Corinthians 8 that it would be better to err on the side of modesty, lest we should cause our brothers to stumble, I was convicted of my need to revamp my own wardrobe. I didn't and still don't want to be guilty before God for causing a man to lust. Men are responsible not to lust, and women are responsible not to cause them to lust.

It's not an easy thing to walk a counter-cultural life. It requires much humility, prayer, reliance on the grace of God and a firm conviction that the Scriptures are the only true standard which we can pattern our lives after. It's helpful to constantly be renewing the mind with Scripture and surrounding oneself with like minded people, whether through books, CDs, websites, personal friendships, etc. Here are a few articles and a book/CD which I particularly enjoyed. L.A.F. (Ladies Against Feminism) has a whole section on the topic of modesty.

I love the way Mrs. Chancey differentiates between the standards of modesty and the concept of personal taste. Kelly and I are a classic example of this, she tends to like western styles, whereas I would prefer old-fashioned frills. Neither one of these is right or wrong as long as we are both modest. There is also the issue of what is expedient or appropriate for the particular occasion. I have to put away my long "prairie muffin" apron for business meetings, but when I am out in the garden or cooking in the kitchen, I am free to wear it as much as I please. :)
Modesty and the Christian Woman

Mr. Phillips here lays a good foundation for the issue of dress standards.
The Public Undressing of America

This is an incredibly eye-opening book and CD set by Jeff Pollard. When I read this book (with jaw dropped), I just couldn't put it down. Though they have the same title, the CD is really made to compliment the book. I would highly, highly recommend both of them.
Christian Modesty and CD set

In this article Mrs. Chancey paints a sweet picture of the honor and virtue of modesty and femininity.
The Secret Garden

Here is a short article on the topic of "eye traps", which is basically anything which tends to be such a distraction as to draw the eyes away from where they should rightly be focused-on the other persons face and eyes. There are many obvious and not so obvious forms of eye traps, from a pair of shorty shorts with a slogan across the backside to a merely ill-placed button and everything in between. Many of today's fashions are classic examples of what not to do in this area, made specifically to draw other's attention away from the face.
Attracting the Wrong Type of Man

Hopefully this will be helpful and what you were looking for. :)

Joyful in Christ,
Andrea and Kelly

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Hey . . . I've gotton sort of behind on blog reading, but I just saw this post. : ) I'm looking forward to the Color post with great expectation (when you have a chance of course. : )

Almost ready to dash off to Jamestown (tomorrow) with tons of stuff left to do--and why I am I reading a blog!? This is my only one to read today. : ) Feel special.