Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Meet the Perez Maidens

Mr. Kelly was God's agent leading us to many wonderful people. By him we have been blessed to become acquainted with the Perez family and would like to introduce them to you.

The Perez are those worthies "of whom this world is not worthy" Heb 11:38. They are the princes "that prevail with God." Gen 32:28. They are those "excellent ones" in whom is all Christ's delight, Ps 16:3. His glory, His picked, His culled, prime instruments which He will make use of to carry on His best and greatest work against His worst and greatest enemies in these latter days. (adapted from Thomas Brook's Heaven On Earth pg 9)

The last violin lesson that we took from Mr. Kelly was right before his surgery. He had crammed that day full lessons with his students since he didn't know how long it would take him to recover. The Perez ladies came in near the end of our lesson and as Andrea and I were not used to playing in front of anyone we immediately lost the meager amount of accomplishment we had and scratched through Ol' MacDonald had a farm. Mr. Kelly could see it was time to end our lesson. We were introduced to the Perez ladies and from the start we could see there was much we had in common. We asked them if they were home schooled to which the reply was "Yes." It was evident that they shared our conviction for modest dress. But what I loved the best was the very evident servant hearts the daughters displayed as they went about cleaning Mr. Kelly's house. You see, the Perez family adopted Mr. Kelly as their Grandfather. They cooked for him and cleaned for him and when it was time for a family get together of one sort or another he was their honored Grandpa.
While Andrea and I took care of Mr. Kelly after his surgery it was a special delight to see the Perez every day. They came in the afternoons to help in anyway possible and it was during these times that we found that Providence would have it that we meet. We shared with each other convictions for about biblical parenting, maidenhood, father-daughter relationships and even God's vision for entrepreneurship and we became immediate friends.
The most precious memory I have of the Perez family comes from what I witnessed of them at the bedside of Mr. Kelly as he passed. The Perez ladies had the honored privilege of attending to Mr. Kelly in a way no one else could as he left this world for the next. Playing hymns on their violins, they brought him a consoling peace and assurance. They played flawlessly and with Christian confidence and fortitude that is rarely seen. It was very evident to Andrea and I where they had learned it. As the girls ministered with song, their father was the embodiment of these virtues posing a commanding stature before his daughters holding their music that they might play. At the moment when it was evident that Mr. Kelly was leaving us the room filled with the mournful sounds of weeping, Mrs. Perez however, turned to her daughters who were in the midst of a song and and commanded them to remain steady by saying, "You play." The girls continued and I marked their absolute trust in their parents in my memory.
The Perez are a fine example of a well ordered family. I would that my children exhibit the same character as they do. It is a honor to share the name Christian with them.

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