Thursday, May 24, 2007


When the folks next to you act like those in the zoo.
A grumblin', a growlin', and spittin',
It's a pretty good plan
To be calm as you can
and do somethin' useful--like knittin'

When a gossipin' Susan, with poison-barbed tongue,
Comes into the room where you are sittin'
And starts to defame
Some neighbor's good name,
Count stitches out loud--and keep knittin'.

When there's been a slight misunderstanding at church,
And others hint broadly of quittin',
Why, the very best thing
You can do is sing,
And stay at your post--and keep knittin'.

When Satan moves in with his cohorts of sin,
Say, "You'll never find me submittin',
You irk me I find;
So get thee behind
And please don't disturb me--I'm knittin'."

In the middle of problems, the big ones and small
It's always most proper and fittin'
To trust and to pray
Till the Lord shows the way--
And go right ahead with your knittin'.

1 comment:

Angela Coates said...

Haha; thats a great poem!