Thursday, May 31, 2007

Belated History of the World Mega Conference

Dad and Mom recently had the opportunity to attend the local home school conference and curriculum fair.

Why would they do that when their children are oh-so-old...?

the Haltermans, Mom, Dad and Cameron Heidrick

A number of reasons; one being the opportunity to hear and meet the great hero of the faith and cultural reformer Doug Phillips. And with that another reason; to gain wisdom and insight in order to lead future generations in making biblically based decisions about education. Dad was able to gather in some resources we can trust and recommend to young families who are right now formulating their plans for how they will educate their children.

"How the grandchildren will be raised" is a constantly reoccurring topic in our family's table talk. Each of us bringing ideas to the table as we come across them in lectures and sermons and in what we have witnessed in others to add to our father's vision for a ranch full of grandchildren.

One of the things that Dad brought home from the curriculum fair was Vision Forum's
"History of the World Mega Conference" on DVD.

Col. John Eidsmoe- Vikings: Their Law, Culture, and Conquests

Today Mom, Andrea and I enjoyed what we have named the,

"Belated History of the World Mega Conference 2007"

While we severly regret not attending the live conference in 2006, we did enjoy many activities at our private showing that the 2006 conference attendees did not.

We were allowed a double viewing of Dr. Paul Jehle's "What Every Christian Should Know About the Babylonian Empire" which was a masterfully done, informative, powerful and encouraging talk. Undenyably this talk was perfectly named. Every Christian should know what Dr. Jehle reveals here in order to impact our culture so riddled with occultism, paganism and even what our culture errantly views as a lesser evil, rebellious and disobedient children.

Early American Costume Pattern for the upcoming Independence Day Celebration.

We also enjoyed many multitasking events like: cutting, fitting, and sewing colonial costumes (for FPCR's upcoming Independence Day Celebration)

& meatball making...

There was also a musical interlude of piano playing and psalm singing, as well as numerous intermissions for hot dogs and popcorn and the switching laundry loads.

Oh, and one more thing...please note in the picture above that this year's belated conference attendees were not required to wear shoes...


mms said...

Could you please share the pattern number of the dress pictured in this post?
What a lovely graceful selection that is!

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

Yes indeed! It is Butterick 3071

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

I included a google search link below the photo since it is an out of print pattern.