Monday, May 21, 2007

37 years ago today...

Dad and Mom met 37 years ago today so to celebrate we spent the evening dining in "real southern style"
What was on the menu? Crawfish!

...and lot's of them.
At this point Andrea said, "They are touching the potatoes!"
Some things never change... She had planned to eat the potatoes while we waded through the yuck food.
Dad in a humorous mood jests,
"Marry me and I will take you to Texas to eat crawdads someday"
After an instructional demonstration by our waitress,
Mom, the ever faithful companion, embarks on the endevour.

Andrea and I silently observe..."Is this what marriage is all about?" Mom quipped, "I think I'd rather have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.....on white bread" Oh my, that is pretty bad. White bread and everything!

Dad offers a peeled one so we don't have to touch them to eat one.
Are you going to try one?
Being as adult-like as I can...

I didn't even flinch. Andrea stared for sometime and then asked, "What did it taste like?" All I could think of was, "Lunch meat. The cheap kind. Cheap turkey lunch meat." to which I received a giggle.

Our prize for being "real good southerners," a plastic alligator for each of us.


Dr. Bacon said...

That is actually some fine dining! Of course, etouffee would have been even better, but YUM!!

The Serven Clan said...

Hilarious. : )

Anonymous said...

Come on, crawfish are delishious.. Well even if you were not all excited about the menu at least you had a great time with your parents and thats what matters..