Friday, April 06, 2007

Grandfather's Affections

Grandpa gathered us girls around him last night and told us about Grandmother. As we sat at his feet he attended to us with gentle affection and tearfully expressed his sorrow for the passing of his wife of 59 years. He knit us to himself with statements regarding how "we" would part from our beloved Grandmother saying our goodbyes together at her funeral.

Our company was refreshing to him and I am glad that our perseverance to become meek, quiet and contented in all God's Providences has given us a countenance that ministered to him in his grieving state. He showed his delightedness in us and special attentions as only a grandfather can for his granddaughters. He expounded well into the evening about his adventures in WWII and for the first time proudly displayed his medals to us. It was a full evening indeed, but I have to draw attention to one moment in particular. Following dinner, he directed his attentions to Andrea and I and directly exhorted and advised us about our future. He has never done this before. His patriarchal qualities called him to it and I am grateful for his leadership and instruction. When the clock struck again in the wee hours of the night sent us to bed with embraces that were longer and tighter than ever.

Even in this time of his greatest sorrow his masculine fortitude perseveres and he ministered to us and for this I am truly grateful.

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Coleman Family said...

How precious of you to share such a touching moment with us. God be with you all in your visit and your travels home.