Thursday, March 08, 2007

Off to Missouri

Our family recently journeyed to Missouri where our father attended the Men's Advance hosted by Covenant Family Church and featuring Pastors Kevin Swanson and Marcus Serven. We gals were delighted to be able to tag along in order to visit with the ladies of the Serven family.
We were able to visit two states we hadn't previously seen, those being Arkansas and Missouri, and also drove through a bit of Oklahoma and, of course, Texas, but not Kansas. :)

"Pilot to copilot, I think you dropped a stitch."

Keeping busy while listening to some good audios.

This important picture captures us passing through the town of "Kelly"ville, Oklahoma. Being that it was 10:07 PM, you can't exactly read the sign.

A unanimous shout was raised along the way, "A hill!"

Both Arkansas and Missouri were full of beautiful scenes. Quite a welcome site for those who are accustomed to an abundance of flatness and buildings all around.

“Buy land, they're not making it anymore” Mark Twain

The concierge

Rush minute in Troy, MO

The lovely and hard working kitchen crew for the Men's Advance:Rebecca Serven, Madeline, Mrs. Lokke, Marissa, Lydia Serven, Beth Serven, and Sarah Serven.

Each of these ladies labored and served joyfully through long hours, little sleep, and a thousand and one important details that come with catering a conference.

Beth, who was the head cook, and the rest of the kitchen crew graciously allowed us to sneak in and join the fun in the kitchen.

"How much time is left??"

Dinner preparations-the making of Parmesan Chicken...Mmm!

Marissa was ever the exuberant servant.

The menfolk during the fun and games.

Most of our time was spent back in the kitchen, but every once in awhile when things began to sound uproarious, we had to peek out and see just what was going on out there.

Mr. Swanson and Dad enjoying one of the games.

We also were privileged to spend the Lord's Day in fellowship and worship with the members of Covenant Family Church and very much enjoyed meeting many sweet and wonderful families.


Mrs. Pear said...

What a fun trip! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

Mrs. Pear

Anonymous said...

Where are the deserts?? The food looks great but way too healthy, got to have a homemade cake or cookies something for the troops to offset the healthyness.. :)
Not that I am partial to sweets or anything.

Looks like you had a great trip & lots of fellowship with a bunch of great people & had a wonderful time.


Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...


Yes, we had a grand time!

By the way, it's nice to "meet" you, thanks for dropping by:)


I'm assuming this is the same Miss TC we met years ago in AK? Hi!
Yes, there is a popular myth abounding that nutritious food must, of necessity, taste bad. However, I assure you that is not always the case. All of the meals were quite scrumptious. But, just to reassure you, there were indeed several tasty looking sweets including cookies, cake and ice cream.:)

It's good to hear from you! Hope everything is well for you:)

Joyfully in Christ,