Friday, July 21, 2006

America Visited

Lafayette in a letter to his wife while visiting America in 1977:
"I will now tell you about the country and it's inhabitants. They are as agreeable as my enthusiasm had painted them. Simplicity of manners, kindness, love of country and liberty, and a delightful equality everywhere prevail. The wealthiest man and the poorest are on a level; and, although there are some large fortunes, I challenge anyone to discover the slightest difference between the manners of these two classes respectively towards each other. I first saw the country life at the house of Major Huger. I am now in the city, where every thing is very much after the English fashion, except that there is more simplicity, equality, cordiality, and courtesy here than in England. The city of Charleston is one of the handsomest and best built, and its inhabitants amongst the most agreeable I have ever seen. The American women are very pretty, simple in their mannerism and exhibit a neatness, which is every where cultivated even more studiously than in England. What most charms me is, that all the citizens are brethren.

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