Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday!

O who will walk a mile with me
Along life's merry way?
A comrade blithe and full of glee,
Who dares to laugh out loud and free,
And let her frolic fancy play,
Like a happy child, through the flowers gay
That fill the field and fringe the way
Where she walks a mile with me.

And who will walk a mile with me
Along life's weary way?
A friend whose heart has eyes to see
The stars shine out o'er the darkening lea,
And the quiet rest at the end o' the day-
A friend who knows, and dares to say,
The brave, sweet words that cheer the way
Where she walks a mile with me.

With such a comrade, such a friend,
I would fain walk till journey's end,
Through summer sunshine, winter rain,
And then?-Farewell, we shall meet again!
Henry VanDyke-edited for a sister

Happy Birthday, Kelly!


Mrs. Coleman said...

Happy birthday to you, Miss Kelly!! I am very thankful to have you as a friend to our family. May the Lord bless the next year of your life abundantly.

Miss Kelly & Miss Andrea said...

Mrs. Coleman, you are a dear friend to me and a blessing to our family as well. My live is much richer having you as a friend.
In Christ,

derrillynn said...

That is so precious! What a beautiful poem!

dutchess said...

I love all your links on right column....I just started my Blogger today...who knows...maybe someday it will look cool.....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Though a few days late :)..

I am sure that is an irreplaceable memory for your parents.. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas/Birthday & a fantastic New Year.

So, any New Years resolution??

God Bless & may this year bring you much happiness..


The Serven Clan said...

Dearest Kelly,

Did you know that you share a birthday with the most wonderful sister in the world? : ) My dear sister Beth was also born on the 28th. What a treasure that the Lord blesses us with sisters who are friends.

Overwhelmed by God's Kindness,