Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This is the meantime

This is the mean time. It's the time between rush and rush. It's the prep time for the next time that you'll be rushing to meet timelines and will have to be everything to all. The lulls in life aren't times when there's nothing happening worthwhile in your life. They are when you are supposed to be preparing so you'll be all the better for the next whirlwind of life. Those in between times, when things slow down, aren't signs of inconsistency. They are your appointed "in the meantime." Not a rest time, but a prep time. Remember that last rush period and all the obstacles and hoops you jumped through? Now remember all the times you thought "Oh, I wish I had done that ahead of time." All those little things that would make the rush time easier are what you are supposed to do in the meantime. Meantime duties are where you'll find your rest and in doing them in the meantime, where you will receive joy. They will become delightful to you. You will treasure your meantime duties as rest between rushes. Rushes will become a delight because you will be ahead of the storm. Prepared and equipped because of what you did in the meantime. This is the meantime.

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John Moore said...

I love this post, Miss Kelly.

I think it's a great assett and contribution to the wide world of folks who know their gals need to be able to defend themselves on the rare occasion that their husband/father is unavailable.

I think some friends of mine will love it.

And those pictures are awesome!

Do you have all of those scanned in at full resolution? I'd love all the shooting pictures you've got. In fact, any 'Big Lake' pictures you've got would be great to have. Perhaps you could bring the ones you've scanned or taken with your digital camera on a CD next Lord's Day?

Nice talking with you!

~ John.